This year, I’ve begun my daily quiet time with a book called My Daily Pursuit. It’s a little snippet of A.W. Tozer’s writing with a key verse, a hymn excerpt, and a prayer for each day of the year. It’s both beautiful and severe all at once. (I personally love Tozer, as he was instrumental in growing my personal relationship with God.)


As more of an introverted, thinker, academic type, I thought to really feel God, to really know Him deeply, I needed to be all weepy and “moved” by Him first. What I didn’t realize was that I could be moved by God by simply learning and thinking and ruminating on His word. I had always assumed that emotions and in “really feeling it” were what led to a closer relationship with God, but what I’ve found is that by immersing myself in the Bible and learning from thinkers and theologians (about things that fascinate and interest me), that greater “head” knowledge of God opened a wellspring of emotion and love for my Creator. Who knew that such intimacy would bloom from intellect?

Now, I feel that it is not simply me worshipping in song and verse with the hope of unlocking this knowledge of God in my life, but the supreme confidence in God and His plans in not just my life, but our world that inspires me to worship. There is meaning and substance and  purpose in my worship. So, introverts and thinkers (especially if you’re women), know that God created you very specifically so, and how you relate to Him will be directly in line with the person you are.

To read on and access my devotional post on Living a Life of Worship just as you are: CLICK HERE.

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