Faith & Spirituality

When tragedies strike and fear seeks control of our hearts, I’m always impressed by the come-togetherness of human beings.

We don’t know when we could leave for school, for the movies, for a concert never to return. But have we ever? Isn’t the very real nature of the human experience its unpredictability? We never know which day, which breath will be our last. And so we bow to this fragile dance, each step carefully orchestrated to prolong the curtain’s fall.

But some days, days like yesterday, the weight of the world just feels so heavy. A lead blanket, crushing spirit, seeping darkness into my bones. Is there ever a rationality for preventable death? 128 souls in Paris, nobodies in the grand scheme of things until one is your everything.

And these tragedies always point to the others, thousands of small lives snuffed out by hunger and disease every day. Such fleetingly sad moments, a tear shed here and there. We feel, we just feel so much.

“Sympathy’s easy. You have sympathy for starving children swatting at flies on the late-night commercials. Sympathy is easy because it comes from a position of power. Empathy is getting down on your knees and looking someone else in the eye and realizing you could be them, and that all that separates you is luck.” Dennis Lehane

Hashtags and profile pictures, really what more can we do? Our last resorts of helplessness. “I don’t pray, but I’m sending good thoughts.” Good thoughts to warm only the heart of the thinker.

Belonging to Jesus comes with a responsibility to do more.

If you find any comfort from being in the Anointed, if His love brings you some encouragement, if you experience true companionship with the Spirit, if His tenderness and mercy fill your heart; then, brothers and sisters, here is one thing that would complete my joy—come together as one in mind and spirit and purpose, sharing in the same love. Don’t let selfishness and prideful agendas take over. Embrace true humility, and lift your heads to extend love to others. Get beyond yourselves and protecting your own interests; be sincere, and secure your neighbors’ interests first. Philippians 2:1-4

Terror is real, but Jesus is greater. And so as we come together, may we take it one step further. Lift your head from your screen and look into the eyes of your brother. Because we’re the lucky ones, we must do battle, on our knees in prayer and in our hearts. May comfort and complacency never win.

And in this darkness, we can all bring something, do something. Not necessarily for all, but maybe just for one, each act a small star brightening the night, until the One who does battle on our behalf returns.

We say, Amen! Come, Lord Jesus.

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